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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Prayer Room


Isaiah's Call Pledge to Pray
Believing that prayer honors God, blesses His people, moves His hand to deliver from scourges of Satan, and benefits those for whom we pray;  I hereby commit myself to pray specifically and faithfully for my nation, my church (Isaiah's Call) and its leaders, and for the Lord's work being done through the Isaiah Connection for one-half hour each week.
Current Prayer Requests

Anchor Baptist Church  (Craig, Alaska)  Pray for the body at Anchor Baptist Church during this time of healing, growth and change..

Blackwell Baptist Church and it's members
Pray for God's wisdom and strength as Blackwell prays about a strategic restart under the name Isaiah's Call.  Pray for Pastor Dennis as he leads the church that he will be Spirit filled in his sermons and leadership.  Pray that he will have spiritual and physical strength and that God will hold his MS symptoms from flaring up or getting worse..
Pray for Jim Bequette that the Lord would give him relief from the pain in his back and give wisdom to his docotrs as they look at the possibility of surgery.
Pray for Mary Bequette that the Lord will bring healing for her numerous health issues and stability to their finances in these difficult times.
Pary for Carl Horton to have safe travel on the highways as he drives across the country for his job.
Pray for Kathy Murphy's health as she struggles with pain in her knees and other issues.
Missions and Missionaries

Pray for Andrew and Melissa Reichenbacher as they serve in the mission field.  Pray for their protection and health and that of their children and that God would provide for their financial support as well.
Pray for Joe Burton of The Isaiah Connection that the Lord would continue to restore his knee after surgery and provide for the needs of his ministry and his family.
Pray for Landside Church of God in Metlakatla, Alaska.  I would ask that you pray for Pastor John Steinberg and his wife Patsy as they prepare to leave for a new assignment.  Pray for the church as they begin to pray for a new pastor and that they will have strength and wisdom as they transition.

We thank the Lord for providing a van for our church's ministry.  We ask God to bless Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in DeSoto for their generousity.