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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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A New Type of Church

My name is Dennis Murphy and I am the founding pastor of Isaiah's Call.  The Lord has laid it on my heart to start a new type of church that will seek to unite people from the Blackwell/Festus/DeSoto/Crystal City area in Missouri and ultimately from all over the world. Not to just proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ but to live a life that demonstrates "Christ's love in action."  I believe that we have been "Called to Make a Difference."

The vision that God has placed on my heart is to start a network of affinity based cell churches that meet in homes and bring people together with similar spiritual gifts and interest.   

The purpose for this approach is to provide an intimate forum for spiritual growth, building loving and caring relationship that will make a difference for the kingdom of God and to guide it's members to use their gifts for the purpose of Christ centered missions and ministries.
In addition to the home based cell churches, Isaiah's Call will have a "Cyber Chapel" or virtual church.  Once in the "Cyber Chapel" one will be able to listen to sermons in various langauges, read devotions, become involved in on-line Bible studies, receive on line counseling, and much, much more is planned. 
You might wonder, "With a church building readily available to most people, why would you need a "Cyber Church?"

I recently read a survey that said that by the year 2025 over 35% of people will no longer use the local church for their religious connection to God.  These folks will be using parachurch organizations and media outlets like television and radio as their contact point in their relationship with the Lord.  It is my mission to use the internet to reach out to these people and build a nurturing relationship that will teach them the importance of being part of physical local church family.  Until they get to that point, we will use the "Cyber Chapel" to help meet their spiritual needs and get them to unite in the mission field somewhere during the year.
I serve as the Site Coordinator in Alaska for a short-term missions ministry called, "The Isaiah Connection" and I will encourage people to particpate in one of the mission opportunites that are available around the globe.
Please be sure check back as new content is added on a regular basis.  I also invite you to sign up as a regular user of the web-site and potential member and supporter of Isaiah's Call.
Thanks for your interest and may God give His peace,
Pastor Dennis Murphy