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Bible Studies

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Bible Studies

 A Christian Worldview
Read Online    |   [ PDF]
This series of studies we will try to get an understanding of the plan of God for mankind.

Read Online    |   [PDF]
A six-week study designed for a discipler who is working with someone
who may or has exhibited a problem with anger.

Read Online    |   [ PDF]
This is a study about embracing the new Kingdom in Baptism
after being called to turn from the old way of life.

 Becoming One
Read Online    |   [ PDF]   
Contains six studies on working toward corporate identity in the marriage relationship.

Read Online    |   [PDF]   
When God issues a call, it is a forgone conclusion that carrying out the call will transform your life.
This study teaches us that our calling needs to be paramount in our life.

Read Online     |   [PDF] 
An in-depth study from Luke of what it means to be a disciple;
looks at ways to disciple younger believers.

 Entering the Kingdom
Read Online    |   [ PDF] 
A six-week study booklet covering the basics of following Christ: faith, repentance,
baptism, church membership, and devotional life.

Finding Your Place in the Body
Read Online    |   [PDF]
A six-study booklet on spiritual gifts.

Read Online    |   [PDF]
If we are going to live in harmony with the others in God's Kingdom we need to learn how to forgive.

 God’s Plan for Sex
Read Online    |   [PDF]
This five-part study can be used in preparing young people for marriages as well
as helping married people develop a healthy, Biblical perspective on this very
important aspect of the marriage relationship.

 Gospel of John Study
Read Online    |   [PDF]
A twelve-part study introducing us to some "good news"!
This news is about a man who
walked the earth 2000 years ago.

Read Online    |   [ PDF]
A five-day study guiding you to outline basic elements of doctrine outlined in Scripture
as well as ponder the different points to come up with "applications" to your life.

Read Online    |   [PDF]  
A five-week study on biblical leadership for training elders.

 Life Worth Living
Read Online    |   [PDF]
A ten-week study on the basics of Christian obedience, made very practical.
Originally written for teens, it has been adapted for use with adults. 
It relies heavily on stories from the Old and New Testaments to illustrate
faith, repentance, obedience to authority, planning for the future, forgiveness, prayer, study of the Word, standing against peer pressure,
the importance of godly friendship, moral purity, and more.

 Living in the Kingdom
Read Online    |   [PDF]  
A six-study booklet covering how to live as a kingdom person. It addresses discipleship, giving,
forgiveness, service in the church, and suffering.

 Offering Ourselves
Read Online    |   [PDF]
A six-week study on the believer's responsibility in giving. The study deals with motives as well as
practical ways of getting one's finances under control.

Read Online    |   [PDF]
A thirty-day study guide designed to establish a regular devotional pattern in a new believer.

 Spiritual Warfare
Read Online    |   [PDF]
A five-week study on warfare. Themes include the reality of the war, focus of the battle, the tactics of the Enemy, and the responsibility of the believer.

 The Church
Read Online    |   [PDF] 
A five-week study on the church. The themes are the definition of the church, membership, leadership, roles of men and women, and dangers.

 Why House Churches?
Read Online    |   [PDF]
Answers questions people have raised about house churches.

 Why House Church Covenants?
Read Online    |   [PDF]
Answers questions as to why we define church membership by covenant rather than by
more traditional means such as baptism or adherence to articles of faith or a church constitution.

Read Online   |   [PDF] 
A women's guide to taking care of your home, being a wife and loving your child.

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The Read Through the Bible in a Year Feature is GREAT!