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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Welcome to the Cyber Chapel 
of Isaiah's Call.  

The Vision

You might be wondering, "With a church building readily available to most people, why would you need a "Cyber Church?"

I recently read a survey that said that by the year 2025 over 35% of people will no longer use the local church for their religious connection to God.  These folks will be using parachurch organizations and media outlets like television and radio as their contact point in their relationship with the Lord.  

It is my vision to use the internet to reach out to these people and build a nurturing relationship that will disciple them as well as teach them the importance of being part of physical local church family.  However, until they get to that point, we will use the "Cyber Chapel" to help meet their spiritual needs. We will try to meet their need for physical fellwoship by challenging them to unite in the mission field somewhere during the course of the year.

What to Expect: Once in the "Cyber Chapel" one will be able to listen to sermons in various languages, read devotions, become involved in on-line Bible studies, receive on line counseling, read the faith stories of people who have experienced miracles in their life, you will be able to learn about missionaries in the field and much, much more.